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Industries We Serve

Tri-Data provides service bureau scanning services as well as hardware and software solutions to meet your document management needs. At Tri-Data, we know one size does NOT fit all. That is why our mix of services offer our clients the best possible solutions.

From scanning a single department’s records to implementing multi-location document workflow processes, Tri-Data has the combined experience, state-of-the-art technology, and highly trained staff to provide a unique combination of services and solutions that generate superior results for a wide variety of industries.


Industries We Serve Include:


Banking documents are extensive and require high security measures. Bank paperwork covers a range of sensitive files from mortgages, to loan applications, to bank statements. With Tri-Data, Inc., you can rest assured that your paper and/or digital banking documents are safely stored.



Construction companies handle a wide range of documents, including oversized blueprints and plans, legal documentation, permits, invoices, and payroll. It is essential for both construction companies and their clients that these documents be stored safely, with ready access, and secure measures.



Education institutions encounter massive amounts of paperwork. Strict documentation regulations, students’ transcripts, schedules, calendars, archives, and syllabi are enough to intimidate any record keeper. Keep these paper and/or digital records safe and easy to access with the services and technologies offered by Tri-Data, Inc.


Financial Services

Few institutions require the type of extensive and detailed documentation necessitated by Financial Service companies. Account and transaction documentation, budgets, payments, and essential accounting documents are only a few of the items in this mountain of paperwork. With Tri-Data, Inc., you can simplify the process of securing, organizing, and accessing your paper and/or digital financial service documents.



Government-employed bureaucrats are affectionately referred to as “paper pushers” for a reason. Government offices produce and handle unparalleled amounts of paperwork and sensitive documents. Strict regulations and high volumes of material can potentially cause serious lacks of efficiency in document storage and retrieval.



Medical documentation is essential and extensive. Both medical practices and patients need secure holding for their medical documents, as well as relatively quick and easy access. This requires secure facilities for hard copy storage and/or safe technologies for digital backup, as well as top-of-the-line file organization.


Human Resources

Human Resource departments handle large volumes of sensitive documents, such as employee personal records, tax forms, and other regulated documentation. In workplaces with high employee volume or high employee turnover, the paperwork can potentially become monstrous.



Insurance providers are swimming in paperwork. Everything from applications for coverage, to claims, contracts, deeds, and a variety of other legal documentation passes through the hands of insurance document managers. Tri-Data, Inc.’s top-of-the-line secure storage, scanning, digital conversion, and digital storage makes the organizing, securing, and accessing of these mass documents so much easier.



Law firms, by their very nature, deal with copious amounts of documentation. It is essential for law firms that all of their files and documentation be securely stored, readily accessible, and properly organized in order to protect firms from investigations and litigation. Tri-Data, Inc. offers a highly efficient storage matrix for both paper and digital files and documentation.



Manufacturing companies deal with a wide variety of documents, from oversize product plans, to facility blueprints, to payroll, invoices and supply records, financial records, and a host of other legal documents. The experts at Tri-Data, Inc. have the skills and technologies to securely store all of your manufacturing documents, while keep them efficiently organized and easily accessible to your business.


Mortgage Lending

Tri-Data, Inc. has the skills and technologies to help keep your mortgage lending documents safe, organized, and accessible. Mortgage lending institutions generate a lot of paperwork, and keeping those files at the ready is essential for both the institution and their clients. This is one of the most important ways to avoid legal complications and litigation issues. Tri-Data is here to help.



Publishing companies store massive amounts of documents. This can include books, manuscripts, advertising and marketing materials, author contracts, and more. External storage for paper documents, or conversion to digital for secure digital storage, is a great way to save space and time in the publishing industry. Tri-Data, Inc. can safely store, organize, and access your documents for you so you don’t have to.



Retail establishments must keep records of payroll, product prices, profits, inventory, turnover, invoices, and more. This can generate a lot of paperwork that can be difficult to organize and sift through. Tri-Data, Inc. document storage services can safely secure, organize, and access your paper documents, covert those documents to digital format, or backup your digital documents in our secure DataVault.



Transportation companies must keep track of a number of documents and paperwork, such as routes, insurance, vehicles, security, and more. Tri-Data, Inc. has the skills and technology to keep all of these documents readily accessible to your company with our secure storage facilities, organizational tools, delivery services, and print-to-digital conversion for internet-accessible digital backups.



Service providers like utility companies maintain records of their accounts paid and received, services provided, payroll, licensing and more. Tri-Data, Inc. has the skills and technology to keep all of these documents readily accessible to your utility company with our secure storage facilities, organizational tools, delivery services, and print-to-digital conversion for internet-accessible digital backups.


Tri-Data Inc. is a document management company located in Huntington WV that provides Data Management to many different types of businesses. Tri-Data provides DataVault, Document Scanning, Software Solutions, Hosting Solutions, Scan-On-Demand, Microfilm Conversion, Domain Names, Record Storage, Document Shredding, Document Destruction, and OCR Processing to the following cities and surrounding communities throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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